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August 26, 2017 General Meeting: Rob Pegoraro and the latest on tech

Join us at George Mason University as Rob Pegoraro takes a look at a "disruptive" year in technology. Apple is nearing completion of a very large (possibly flying) saucer ◎, Samsung is touting a new series of smartphones that they claim will burn up the market (without burning up), mobile computing is no longer a "coming thing" but the norm, and literally half the planet has suffered from one or more online security breaches.We aren't certain what Rob will talk about, and we suspect he isn't sure yet, either; there's still time for more disruption.

Washington Apple Pi Photo Contest 2017 now underway (last date for photos: September 30)

Apple Update on WWDC

Aaron Davis will visit the George Mason University at the Pi General Meeting on July 22 and talk about the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), including (maybe) the new MacBooks, the new iMacs, the new iPads, the new macOS High Sierra, the new iOS 11, the new -- we really have no idea what he will talk about, but he has a long list of potential subjects.

Take Control Books

Joe Kissell, prolific article of Take Control books and, for a few weeks now, the publisher of Take Control Books, speaks to us live from Paris, France (where is Wite-Out when you need it) San Diego, California.

Don't forget photo contest

Don't forget the 2017 Photo Contest, which offers a vastly expanded set of categories and a vaster range of eligible dates (Jan. 1, 2017 through Sept. 30, 2017). Head over to the Photo Contest page now to read up on the details.

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