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⌘ Note: in case of inclement weather, Pi activities follow the closure schedule of local school districts.

Pi Clubhouse and SIG meetings will be held at Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church, 9601 Cedar Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814, Room 30-31. Map


Potomac Code Camp

"Inventing the future" is not a passive act; it requires planning and effort. Potomac Code Camp is part of that effort, training a new generation to discover the process by which the "Internet of Things" works, through writing the underlying instructions and information that power this world. The March 28 Apple Pi General Meeting will feature a presentation on Potomac Code Camp, part of a much larger effort to prepare our planet for the future.

Waiting for Apple Watch

Apple, Inc., showed once again that it is not "Apple Computer" with their March 2015 "event." It featured a spectacular tour of a new store in China, a preview of the coming season of "Game of Thrones," a software kit for doing medical research, a new MacBook, and jewelry: the Apple Watch. Now we wait for April 24 to roll around. Meanwhile, you can review the "event" online.

DayMap & Camtinerary in Podcasts!

Pi members, visit your Connect Page and find the newest podcast from November General Meeting.  We had two great presentations:  a Mac day planning app, DayMap, and a cool IOS travel planning app, Camtinerary.   

The Camtinerary developer, Pi member Cameron Conway, also explained Swift, the new IOS and OS simplified programming language, a/k/a "banish semicolons" that's not yet a hashtag but should be! 

Check 'em out.

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