Washington Apple Pi

A Community of Apple iPad, iPhone and Mac Users

Washington Apple Pi Contacts

Quick Contacts

  • Pi Clubhouse Business, membership issues:
  • Corporate Communications, Sponsors, Donations
    • Roy Wagner, president@wap.org
  • Management Committee, Vendor Presentations, Displays
  • Managing Editor (interim), Bytes of Pi newsletter
    • Jay Castillo, editor@wap.org
  • Webmaster

Officers (Directors)

  • President Roy Wagner, president@wap.org, chief executive, chief diplomat
  • Treasurer Raju Tonapi, treasurer@wap.org, contact point for official correspondence.
  • Secretary Diana King, secretary@wap.org, contact point for donations, grants, small and large piles of gold.


  • Jonathan Bernstein, jon.bernstein@wap.org
  • Bruce Brown, b.brown@wap.org
  • Jay Castillo, joseph.castillo@wap.org
  • Mary.Dodd, mary.dodd@wap.org
  • Gabriel Goldberg, gabe.goldberg@wap.org
  • George Hogeman, george.hogeman@wap.org
  • Larry Kerschberg, l.kerschberg@wap.org
  • Diana King, diana.king@wap.org
  • Ralf Kuehnel, ralf.kuehnel@wap.org
  • Richard Orlin, richard.orlin@wap.org
  • Jed Sorokin-Altmann, jed.s@wap.org
  • Raju Tonapi, raju.tonapi@wap.org

TCS Access

The TCS is the Washington Apple Pi discussion forum, a famed and unique collection of new (and old) technologies, dating back to the dim age of the dawn of microcomputing. Maybe even earlier.