Washington Apple Pi

A Community of Apple iPad, iPhone and Mac Users

About Washington Apple Pi

Washington Apple Pi (or WAP or just "the Pi") is a community of people with a common aim: to improve our knowledge and enjoyment of Macintosh computers and Apple mobile devices, and do it in such a way that respects a member's level. We approach this through such things as social activities, sharing, fun, cooperative activities, mentoring and education.


Washington Apple Pi celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2013. We've been around far longer than most personal computer organizations, and virtually all computer companies. That means we not only have a vast knowledge of what went on before Apples and Macs, but a desire to keep pushing ahead as well. We have accomplished so much over the years, but there is still much that needs to be done. Won't you join us?


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Steve Mathis testimonial video


Washington Apple Pi is organized as a non-profit social club - the IRS says we're a (Section 501(c)(7)). As such, we are run by volunteers for the benefit of our members. It is through those volunteer efforts that we produce a magazine, host online forums and services, and gather in regular and ad-hoc groups to exchange information, experiences and instruction. And have fun.

About Donations and Recycling

Contact Us

Members can always find the best and fastest help on the TCS forums where fellow members and volunteers gather 24/7 to discuss issues and solve problems.

Not a tech support matter? Write to office@wap.org. Or telephone 301-984-0300 and leave a message with enough detail to route you to the right person.

Business and leadership contacts.

Map to Clubhouse

The Pi's clubhouse is located inside the Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church in Bethesda.

This is where we hold most informal and special interest meetings.

Map to General Meeting

Many but not all of our monthly General Meetings are held on the campus of George Mason University.

Always check the event announcement for exceptions and details.

Announcements Mailing List

Staying informed is easy: sign up for the Pi Announce mailing list. If you wish, you can just as easily unsubscribe at any time.

Pi Bylaws

As an organization, we have rules, in the form of the Washington Apple Pi Bylaws, last revised March 2021. You can also see the original Pi Bylaws from 1979 (PDF, 107K).

For a somewhat more light-hearted version, here is a slightly older version of the Bylaws, as interpreted by Google through Emoji.