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Apple at FOSE

See what Apple was up to at FOSE 2005.

Exploring the iPod Revolution

For most of human history, only the very wealthy could hear a concert. For the past hundred years, virtually anyone could hear a concert on a radio. For the past two years, you could own all the music Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, and the Beatles ever produced -- and slip it into your pocket, to hear at any time.

Apple's iPod has not only revolutionized music, but also government (the 9/11 Commission Hearings were offered as free "iTunes"), literature (books on tape were never as convenient as books on iPod) and education (an entire semester's lectures in your pocket). On April 23, 2005, Washington Apple Pi explored "Making the most of your iPod, iPod mini, iPod shuffle and iTunes." We learned how to record your own music into iTunes, how to turn your iPod into a Personal Digital Assistant, how to use it as a data storage device, and more.

Bonus: we had a drawing for an iPod shuffle, compliments of Mac Business Solutions of Gaithersburg, MD. And speaking of Mac Business Solutions, they also had a nice Tiger Launch Party on April 29.

iPod Style