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Washington Apple Pi Winter 2003 Computer Show and Sale

Frequently called "The Computer Garage Sale"

The winter edition of the twice-yearly (but sometimes semi-annual) Washington Apple Pi Computer Sale and Show was held December 13, 2003. You can download a copy of the commemorative poster, suitable for framing, in Adobe Acrobat or JPEG format. While it won't do you a whit of good, you can also download the commemorative coupon, in Adobe Acrobat or JPEG format.

Photos: we have photos! In fact, we have an entire Richard Sanderson photo gallery, which shows what you can do with a Nikon D-100 digital camera.

David Harris also offers a couple unique insights to the show, taken with his Minolta DiMage X digital camera

We also have movies: a tall movie of an elf, a longer movie of a shorter elf, and a clip showing folks from modyourmac.com, all provided by Tom Witte. (QuickTime required)

Computer Show and Sale Coupon small