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December 1996 Garage Sale

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Photos by David Harris.

Stacks of Apple computer equipment and software boxed in -- fruit boxes.

You don't always have to have a computer to play.

Almost anything can be found for sale at a Pi garage sale.

The Art of the Deal hasn't changed much, even in the computer age.

At the Mac Checkup Table, some checkups also included a little same-day minor surgery.

You can find stacks of Macs at a Pi garage sale.

Computers and Beanie Babies, but no penguins.

A rare Commodore portable computer, in working order.

Carting off some loot after a successful transaction.

Hands full, but still looking.

Most of the action is in the morning. As the closing hour nears, the crowds -- and the tables, and the merchandise -- evaporate.

Need a cable? If you can identify it, someone probably has it.

Sharing your stroller with a monitor is part of a modern child's coming of age.

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