Washington Apple Pi

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Pictures of the
Washington Apple Pi
Garage Sale, December 1999

Text and photos by Tom Witte

It happens here -
The Gym at the NOVA community college

It starts Friday when many volunteers set up -

- with signage, tables and chairs.

For some of us - the G sale is a time to blow our tops

For others a cause to seek divine guidance.

But thanks to our Office Manager extensive

preparations - All goes well!

Then night falls and the next day

the Garage Sale begins

With vendor check in and set up...

While vendors and our volunteers setup

Donuts, bagels and buys set up outside....

But then the doors open and with bargains begin.

The tables of vendors are surrounded by buyers

And volunteers help computer users in need.

While a good time was had by all, one four

legged visited was asked to leave.

Then as the sun was setting and the guy was cleared

the Pi hosted volunteers for Pizza.

Where a good time was had by all.

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