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Cometh iMac

iMacApple attracted a standing room only crowd on May 23 as people crawled out of bed on a sunny holiday morning to hear about roasting bunnies, Rhapsodic convergences, screaming laptops and especially transparent iMac computers.

A tour of MacWorld Expo New York: better known as the "iMac Macworld," now with commentary.

Washington Apple Pi Director Dave Ottalini thought the Pi should help the iMac, a newcomer to the world of personal and hobbyist computing, to the world of computer user groups. So he prepared some pictures (shown below at reduced size) for use in preparing free-standing cards and transparent window stickers. He also prepared a dual-sided postcard (for users of Desktop Labels Pro) with iMac specifications on one side and information about Washington Apple Pi on the other. Finally, there are two Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) files, one with iMac specifications and one a hardware and software developer's note with technical details on the iMac.

Two different files for printing that, when cut out, create free-standing cards celebrating computing in a beige-free world. Click to download the files, which are twice the size of these images, are in PICT format, and 100 dpi.

When printed on transparent film, you can use this image (shown half size) to create your own window stickers. (Or a very odd bookmark.) Click to download the file, a PICT image, 100 dpi. Click on the image below to get another 100 dpi PICT image, suitable for use as a sticker.

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