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June 2009 General Meeting

Pi Widgets

June 27, 2009, 10:00 a.m., George Mason University, Route 123 and Braddock Road, Fairfax, VA

Meeting photos

Making a Pi widget (PDF, 1 MB)

What is a Pi Widget? Well, to be truthful, we made it up to describe the small, widget-like segments which form our June General Meeting. We start with a Question & Answer Panel, Club news, a few words about our Special Interest Group activities, some self-help demonstrations, and One More Thing. Check out the agenda to see what is happening. And note the new start time.

Important Additional Information

Question & Answer Session: Advance questions are being solicited. This is a new wrinkle in our regular Q & A format, and it has a two-fold purpose. First, for members who cannot attend the meeting, we are offering them a chance to get their questions addressed, and second, with questions submitted beforehand, the experts will have more time to research the inquiry and provide a more thorough answer.
Send your questions to feedback@wap.org today!

Members Helping Members Session: During the main portion of the meeting, we will demonstrate how easy it is to upgrade the memory, hard drive, and, in most tower model Macs, the optical drive. We will be taking this demonstration a step further by providing direct help in upgrading your Mac if you bring it and the parts needed to the meeting. If you aren't quite ready, we can set up an appointment for next month's meeting or an upcoming Clubhouse Saturday.

George Mason University Essential Information

Address: 4400 University Dr., Fairfax, VA (near Rte 123 and Braddock Road)
Directions and Map: http://www.gmu.edu/welcome/Directions-to-GMU.html

Here is a campus map with annotations (PDF, 2.8 MB).

Important Parking Information:

The meeting is being held in Enterprise Hall, Room 178; No. 13 on GMU campus map. The closest parking is in the Sandy Creek Parking Garage, a pay-for-parking facility. Park in Visitor area, the lowest level. Take the elevator to the third floor (Campus Level), and you will be at the correct level for the short walk to Enterprise Hall.

Parking Validation tickets will be available from the Pi for a $3 donation and they will fully cover all parking costs — they are a considerable savings over the $8 daily rate. Please, bring some single dollar bills to facilitate the exchange. You will need both your parking ticket and the validation ticket to exit the parking garage.

Exiting the garage proved to be a little confusing to some of us last time. On the visitor level, there are two exits, side-by-side at the opposite end of the entrance. Some exits are marked for prepaid tickets, which is what the validation tickets represent. Your parking ticket, the one you got when you drove in, goes in first. Then the validation ticket goes in next. If you have any problems, there is a speaker box for calling the parking lot attendant.

We are hoping to have a Pi volunteer at the exit point to help and make the leaving the garage an easier and more expeditious process. Care to help?

Handicapped Parking: There are three handicap parking spaces next to Enterprise Hall that can be used by members, on a first come first served basis. They should have their Handicap Stickers showing on the dashboard or on the rear-view mirror.