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Nominees Needed for Pi Board of Directors

It is decision time again. For those of you pondering volunteering to serve on the Washington Apple Pi Board of Directors, the time is now to throw your hat in the ring. March 31 is the deadline to submit nominations.

And to help answer any questions or concerns, you have a some options:

  1. Email your inquiries or nomination intent to office@wap.org
  2. Call the Pi Clubhouse at 301 984-0300 and leave a message. You will get a call back within hours.
  3. Come to the March 21 Board of Directors meeting at the Clubhouse and view the Board in action. Get your questions or concerns answered directly.

There are only six meetings a year with the Board gathering every other month. The meetings are held on Saturdays to avoid work and traffic congestion. The term for elected positions is three years. Aside from Board Directors, there are only three required officer positions, each elected from the Board Directors: President, Treasurer and Secretary.

You can submit your own name or the name of another member. In all cases, the Election Committee will take the nominations, confirm a desire to run, and get them entered into the election process, which culminates with an electronic election during the month of May. Nominees will need to provide a short biography, address the question of why they are running, and confirm they will not gain financially from holding a Director’s position.

Are you up for the challenge? The Pi needs you!