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May 31, 2008 General Meeting: Mac Masters Extended

By Bob Jarecke

As you may have read elsewhere in the Journal, the Pi hosted a Mac Masters Seminar at the end of May, and as an adjunct to the final session of the event, we took advantage of an opportunity and conducted our May General Meeting. The decision to do this was principally mine, as I felt it would take additional effort and energy to produce our regular monthly meeting just one week prior, if we had followed our usual monthly schedule. Also, that traditional fourth weekend ended with Memorial Day, and we felt we couldn’t compete with other holiday events and travel plans. So the options were either to cancel the meeting or tack it onto our upcoming Mac Masters event. The latter choice won out.

Frankly, with the severe thunderstorms, a change of venue and a different time, I was not expecting a large number of folks to make the meeting. I was pleasantly surprised as thirty-five members and nonmembers showed up to listen and learn from Bob LeVitus, a.k.a. “Dr. Mac.” While not the usual seventy or better number we typically get at a General Meeting, it was a respectable number, and many of them came armed with lots of questions. Bob took the inquiries nonstop for nearly an hour before he had to quickly exit due to an impending appointment at the nearby Apple Store in Clarendon. Even while picking up his things and exiting the theater, he continued to explain solutions to the last question posed.

Bob again proved a knowledgeable and likable speaker, and we thank him for his time and willingness to participate in our abbreviated monthly meeting. Finally, with no follow-up planned, everyone was sent on his or her way advised to be careful as another thunderstorm was bearing down on the Arlington area. Overall, I believe most folks came away a little more knowledgeable and ready to try some new things that Dr. Mac aptly demonstrated.

Original Meeting Announcement

Dr. Mac Takes Your Questions!

Rosslyn Spectrum, 1611 N. Kent Street, Arlington, VA, 2 p.m. (directions)

(note change in date, time, and location)

The Pi is hosting a Mac Masters Seminar the last weekend of May and the General Meeting will follow immediately after the last session of that event on Saturday. As usual, there is no charge for attending the General Meeting, but do note the change in time, date and place.

The May General Meeting will consist of a full hour and a half session with Bob LeVitus, “Dr. Mac,” the principle speaker for the Mac Masters series. Bring your questions and get some top-notch direction and advice from this renowned author and Mac guru!

The meeting will be very informal with liquid refreshments and goodies to tide you over. The usual Pi business session will also take place with several portable Macs available for members to vote for the candidates to the Board of Directors.
The meeting is a novel departure from our usual fare. Come down and enjoy the Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre in Arlington, VA, and the company of other Mac enthusiasts!


Questions: Contact the WAP office at (301) 984-0300.

The meeting, open to the public, starts at 2 p.m. following the Mac Masters Seminar