Washington Apple Pi

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May 30 and 31, 2008
Washington Apple Pi presents
Mac Masters Series featuring
Bob Dr. Mac LeVitus

Friday 10am - 5pm
Taming Leopard

Enhance your productivity and creativity using the latest Mac operating system, Mac OS X 10.5.

  • Friday Topics Include... Setting System Preferences for productivity.
  • Organize your disk and find your stuff in seconds.
  • Automate repetitive actions in Mac OS X to save time, effort, and keystrokes.
  • Use the Web to research Mac OS X issues (to keep your Mac healthy, stable, and happy).
  • Protect your valuable data and never lose a single bit (or byte).
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot common Mac OS X issues quickly and painlessly.
  • Demos of inexpensive, indispensable third-party utilities, and why you need them.
  • Hardware that helps.
  • Plus dozens of Mac OS X tips, tricks, and techniques to help you do more with less effort.

Saturday 9am - 2pm
Living The iLife

Get the most from Apple's newest life-enhancing devices and resources, including iPhone/iPod Touch, iTunes, and Apple TV including .

Switching 101: Thinking about switching to the Apple operating system? Find out how (and why you should).

  • Saturday Topics Include... Efficient e-mail on the iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Third-party iPhone and iPod touch applications: Find, install, benefit.
  • 10 third-party iPhone and iPod touch applications you shouldn't be without.
  • Custom ringtones-free!
  • 10 iPhone features you ought to know, but probably don't.
  • Transfer anything from iTunes to your device, painlessly.
  • Secrets of Smart Playlists.
  • Surround sound from your Apple TV made easy.
  • Plus dozens of tips, tricks, and techniques to help you get more out of your Apple devices at home and on the road.

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FRIDAY $139; $99 WAP members
SATURDAY $99; $59 WAP members
TWO-DAY DISCOUNT $189; $149 WAP members

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