Washington Apple Pi

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Washington Apple Pi 2017 Photo Contest

The primary purpose of the 2017 Apple Pi Photo contest is for members to try and learn new photo techniques and learn about those used by other members.

Contest Rules

  1. You must be a member of the Washington Apple Pi User Group to enter any photos.
  2. Photos submitted in the Novice or Advanced Levels must be take with an Apple camera, i.e., using any Apple product (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.).
  3. Photos submitted in the Open Level may be taken with any camera, i.e., any camera (Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Kodak Brownie, etc.), including an Apple camera.
  4. Photos must be taken between January 1st, 2017 and September 30th, 2017.
  5. You must decide your level of photo experience (Novice or Advanced).
  6. Any member may enter photos in the Open Level ategories.
  7. Each level will have two categories, e.g., Standard photos and Modified photos.
  8. You may submit a total of five (5) photos for each category in your level of experience (Novice or Advanced) and a total of five (5) photos in the Open Level categories. (Thus, each member will be able to submit up to a total of 20 photos.)
  9. There will be a series of Apple Pi SIG meetings to discuss the taking and editing of photos. Group participation and questions will be encouraged at these meetings.
  10. All submitted photos must include the 1) type of camera used, 2) the software used to edit and modify the photos, and 3) a brief explanation of editing or modification made to the photos.
  11. All contest photos must be uploaded to the Apple Pi user site no later than Sunday, October 8th, 2017.

After photos are submitted, judges may group photos into logical sub-groups for judging, e.g., portraits, landscapes, sunsets, animals, etc.

Judging will be done after October 8th. The results of the judging will be discussed at a meeting after October 8th. At that meeting, we would appreciate if you would also attend and discuss your photos and the changes made to them.

Upload contest photos here

Contest Levels and Categories

Novice Level - Apple camera photos (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.)

A Novice photographer is a member whose photography experience in limited to just taking photos and making simple edits to their photos or using simple apps or software to make any changes.)

Category One: ”Just a Photo"

Category Two:"Modified Photos” *

Significant changes made to the original, i.e., the submitted photo does not look like the original photo (color changes and/or special effects applied).

Advanced Level - Apple camera photos (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.)

An Advanced photographer is a member who knows they are more than a novice photographer.

Category One: "A photo with/without enhancements” *

Category Two: "Monochrome Photos” *

Photo may only be shades of one color, .i.e., from white to the color of your choice, that typically being black or sepia.

Open Level - any camera with any modifications

Category One: "Just a Photo"

Any modifications, but still a photo.

Category Two:"Modified Photos” *

Significant “artistic” changes made to the original(s).

* For all modified photos, please duplicate your original image, and then submit both the original photo and your modified duplicate of the original.