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Animation, First Aid and
Budget Art

The September 1999 General Meeting lacked an official corporate sponsor, so Washington Apple Pi returned to its roots with a "do it yourself" program featuring some stunning computer-generated animation, valuable information on routine care and feeding of your Macintosh, and a presentation on a great, inexpensive art bundle.

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Lawrence Charters starts the Question and Answer session before 9 a.m., trying to see if the audience is awake. (Photo by Tom Witte)

Lawrence then solicited for volunteers to write reviews of software sent to the Pi. (Photo by Tom Witte)

Stuart Bonwit, computer animation guru, explains the technical details of his latest piece. (Photo by Steve Keipe)

Stuart's animation, a spectacular aria by a beautiful prima donna, was done entirely on his Power Macintosh 8600 in QuickTime. (Photo by Tom Witte)

Pat Fauquet (left) and Mary Keene (right) test out the projection equipment and microphones. (Photo by Tom Witte)

Tom Witte directs the crowd to recite the Maintenance Matra: "Run Disk First Aid on your Mac at least once a month, or more." (Photo by Steve Keipe)


Mary Keene talks about Art Explosion, a massive collection of artwork on 27 CD-ROMs with a multi-tree catalog on paper. (Photo by Steve Keipe)

This photo of the crowd is impressive: it was taken with a Kodak digital camera in near-total darkness -- and is still a good photo. (Photo by Steve Keipe)

After the meeting, there is the post meeting, where everyone talks about things that weren't covered in the meeting. (Photo by Tom Witte)

Most often the post meeting deals with questions posed by those too shy to ask them during the Q & A. (Photo by Tom Witte)

Meanwhile, in the back of the auditorium, the control booth is gadget heaven. (Photo by Tom Witte)

Tom insists we include this photo: a hint on how to get a ticket without really trying. (Photo by Tom Witte)

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