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Best of the TCS

The Best of the TCS

By Dick Rucker

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The following message threads appeared recently on one or more of the Pi’s members-only forums found here: http://tcs.wap.org/. The TCS is best place I know for members to seek answers to questions about their Macs or about the services offered to members by the Pi; I check it daily.

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"Do I need antivirus software" started Nov 04 2005

URL: http://tcs.wap.org/topic?b=macos&top=5936

Keywords: security, Mac OS X vulnerability to malware, viruses

Abstract: This message thread discusses anti-virus software for the Mac, what software is now available, whether such software is useful on Macs, and the most important steps to be taken to protect Macs from malicious software attacks of any kind.

"More Verizon DSL" started Nov 22, 2005

URL: http://tcs.wap.org/topic?b=inet&top=3124

Keywords: Verizon DSL; Home networking; Installation; firewall; router

Abstract: This thread discusses procedures for letting multiple computers share the same DSL connection. Desirable features of routers and firewalls are discussed. Differing approaches to setup and installation are considered. Users are cautioned to avoid the materials provided by ISPs as these often fail to make proper use of the facilities built in to MAC OS X.

"Security Update 2005-009" started Nov 29, 2005

URL: http://tcs.wap.org/topic?b=macos&top=6053

Keywords: security, Mac OS X updates, malware, Trojan horses, worms

Abstract: This thread discusses the latest Security Update from Apple for Mac OS X and why keeping up with these updates on your Macs is so important.

"TextEdit's built-in outlining" started Dec 1, 2005

URL: http://tcs.wap.org/topic?b=apps&top=1182

Keywords: outlining; Mac OS X hidden features; TextEdit

Abstract: This thread points out some key strokes that make hierarchical lists easy to create and navigate in the handy document editor that comes with Mac OS X.