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Pictures at an Exhibition

MacWorld New York 2000: Products I

© 2000 Lawrence I. Charters

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Accompanying MacWorld article and photo gallery: Products II

Apple's booth showed AppleWorks 6 running under Mac OS X. Note the Apple logo in the center of the menu bar at the top of the screen. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

Canon's remarkable Digital ELPH camera, with an all-metal case, is about the size of a pack of playing cards. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

Apple is obviously fond of the Canon ZR10 digital camera; their booth had dozens of them. This one is capturing an image of the photographer capturing the ZR10's image. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

Given its remarkably small size and rugged case (at least it looks rugged), with a zoom lens that retracts behind a metal shutter, this is a "go anywhere" camera. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

NuSpectra's remotely controlled cameras elevate Web cameras to a whole new level. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

The ixla Photoeasy is a complete USB digital camera kit for $149. The vendor claims it can also double as a Webcam. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

Kodak's PalmPix allows almost anyone with a Palm to turn their pocket computer into a digital camera. The camera is the shown here attached to the bottom of a Palm III. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

MacWorld always offers some unusual innovations, such as this spill-proof cupholder that attaches to the side of an iMac. Starbucks coffee not included. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

Guitar Center had their usual booth packed with music and sound software and hardware. One of the exhibitors used this MIDI-based clarinet to transcribe music directly into the iBook on the counter. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

To appreciate the incredible quality of Hewlett-Packard's large-scale DesignJet inkjet printers, you need a bigger photo, so double-click on the thumbnail. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)