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The Professional Touch: Adobe Illustrator 7

by Paul Gerstenbluth (ArieFound@aol.com)

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One million professionals agree: "Adobe Illustrator Software Sets the Standard."

Every day over one million graphics and multimedia professionals, technical illustrators, desktop publishers, and Web developers worldwide use Adobe Illustrator. Now, Adobe Illustrator 7.0 combines illustration tools with improved typographic control and image support.

Illustrator 7.0 provides the touch-and-feel tools you need to create brochures, video artwork and web pages. Plus, it's used for making packaging, ads and editorial spreads.

Making Acrobat files is one of the sweetest tasting "cookies" that Adobe Illustrator 7.0 has in it's pantry. Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) allows you to combine illustrations and text for documents for both the PC and Mac platforms.

You can compress your heavy duty Photoshop graphics from 900K to 300K without losing quality. It's great for sending email attachment files to different clients. Also, they can view your pdf files and print them, but they cannot change them or copy them unless they have Adobe Illustrator 7.0 or the Adobe Acrobat distiller program.

What's new in Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator 7.0 includes an updated interface and a new workflow for painting objects. It works with colors, patterns, and gradients.

Illustrator 7.0 now has grids for laying out artwork. It also has a new tool for adjusting the shapes of paths, and new tools and options for working with vertical text and graphs.

You can now use the new time-saving commands, palette features, and keyboard shortcuts. Recently added tool tips and context menus help you quickly identify different interface elements and choose commonly used commands.

Interface Enhancements

Illustrator 7.0 on the Macintosh has a three-dimensional look. Icons and buttons appear raised in palettes, dialog boxes, and the toolbox. The 3-D buttons have the look and feel of actual buttons.

Technical Specs:


Adobe Illustrator typically installs the PostScript Type 1 fonts in the Fonts folder located in the Illustrator application folder. The Illustrator CD contains 302 PostScript Type 1 fonts that can be used by other applications.

File Formats that Adobe Illustrator supports:

Reactions: Pro

One of the outstanding features of Adobe Illustrator 7.0 application is the ability to make Acrobat files. This allows you to combine illustrations and text for both the PC and Mac platforms in a compressed format for quick emailing to your clients.

Adobe Illustrator allows you to create RGB spot colors in your documents. These documents can be designed for both Web and print output. Illustrator 7.0 also correctly separates these spot colors on their plates, when separating out of Illustrator. In addition, these spot colors are maintained as RGB spot colors, when creating EPS files.

Free Extras: Adobe Illustrator 7.0 includes Adobe Acrobat Reader, 330 Adobe Type 1 Typefaces, 1,000 clip-art images, stock photos and a tutorial on using Adobe Illustrator 7.0.

Adobe Support: When you register your product purchase, you are eligible for a complimentary period of technical support. Visit Adobe's web site at http://www.adobe.com or call 800 879-3219. When your complimentary telephone support expires, Adobe offers options in the United States through the Adobe CustomerFirst program.

Reactions: Con

Problem Opening Illustrator 7.0 Files Text from Illustrator 6.0. Unfortunately, Illustrator 6.0 cannot recognize Illustrator 7.0 files containing text, and will generate an error message. Tip: To save a file in Illustrator 7.0 for use with Illustrator 6.0, Select the Illustrator 6.0 compatibility option.

The Electronic Publishing Guide (EPG) is not current. The copy of EPG included on the Tour & Training CD-ROM has references to past versions of Illustrator. Also, some of the workflow examples pertain to Illustrator 6.0 features, only. You need to cross-reference the Illustrator 7.0 user guide when reading this document, for the current descriptions of features and workflow.

Working with ATM. The one feature that Illustrator does not support is the ability to auto-activate fonts in documents if those fonts have been deactivated. You have to activate the fonts that are used in the document; otherwise Illustrator will substitute for the fonts.

Illustrator 7.0 sample

A sample of what you can do with Illustrator 7.0.

Adobe Illustrator 7.0 is available by mail order. Call Adobe at 800-649-3875. The suggested Adobe Illustrator 7.0's Retail Price is $595, upgrades from any version are $129 and an upgrade from Macromedia Freehand is $149.

System - Minimum Requirements

Recommended for best use of Adobe Illustrator 7.0 is

Paul Gerstenbluth is President of ARIE Foundation that provides hobby materials and computers to VA Hospital patients. (Donated Apple and Macintosh computers help hospitalized veterans in their stay and recovery.)


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