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Random URLs

by David L. Harris

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On the Pi's TCS bulletin board system I randomly post URLs (addresses of Web sites) that intrigue me. If you have an Internet connection and a Web browser, you can go to any of these places yourself. If you have paid your $20 additional for a TCS membership you can see the newest Random URLs on the "Explorer Service & Internet" board of the General Conference. The URL of the TCS is <http://webtcs.wap.org/>. If you already use the TCS you can probably skip this article.

Here are some of the URLs I've posted recently. They are all working at the time this article was written, but by the time you read it, who knows? Due to the limitations of printing them, some may wrap to a second line. Make sure you get the entire URL&emdash;they are surrounded by < and >. Some pages may require JavaScript be turned on in your Web browser; if it is, you may get extra cookies or advertising on those pages. Some of the descriptions are taken from the sources where I get the URLs. And I usually end my lists with humor (of sorts).

Have a gander:

Exhibition of High Speed Photography


"High-speed projectiles, breaking glass, and hot plates were used in some of the projects."

Anatomy of a Telephone Call


It may seem simple to you, but understanding the mechanics of a telephone call can be quite enlightening.

Classical music reference site

(may want lots of cookies)




Gramofile is a rich database of over 250,000 classical music reviews from the magazine Gramophone.

American Indians:

Bureau of Indian Affairs


Native American sites


Aztecs, Incas, etc.


Air Force One


Take a look inside the world's most famous plane.

On Land, At Sea, In the Air


Resource site for the Global Position System and the Global Navigation Satellite System: news, forums, photos and more.

Wind and Sea: the Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences Internet Locator


Dr. Mom's Guide to College


A distillation of the most important advice from one person's perspective as a faculty member, advisor, and parent.

Human Bone in Tibetan rituals


Dead People Server


Remember whatshername? She was famous! What ever happened to her? Is she dead yet? Find out here. Palm Pilot version available!

The Sea Slug Forum


"This is a site where you can ask questions and post information on nudibranchs and related sea slugs such as bubble-shells, sea hares and side-gilled slugs."



The Huggies Diapers & Baby Wipes site, where you can get information on everything baby.

Epinions: reviews of things, by actual users




Angrybox is a place you can vent and complain about services and companies or whatever you have a beef about.

Spam Combat


Forestry Images


Looking for a nice close-up of a bark beetle to show your forestry class? Need a shot of bamboo or acacia for your educational Webpage? Look no further…

The Museum of E-Failure


The Museum of E-Failure bears witness to the dot.bomb phenomenon, presenting the last images of the front pages of failed Websites. Catch them before they disappear.