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Random URLs II

by David L. Harris

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On the Pi's TCS bulletin board system I randomly post URLs (addresses of Web sites) that intrigue me. If you have an Internet connection and a Web browser, you can go to any of these places yourself. If you have paid your $20 additional for a TCS membership you can see the newest Random URLs on the "Explorer Service & Internet" board of the General Conference. The URL of the TCS is <http://webtcs.wap.org/>. If you already use the TCS you can probably skip this article, because you've seen them.

Here are some more URLs I've posted. They are all working at the time this article was written, but by the time you read it, who knows? Due to the limitations of printing them, some may wrap to a second line. Make sure you get the entire URL&emdash;they are surrounded by < and >. Some pages may require JavaScript be turned on in your Web browser; if it is, you may get extra cookies or advertising on those pages. Some of the descriptions are taken from the sources where I get the URLs. And I usually end my lists with humor (of sorts).

Here is the second edition:

Tips from MacHome magazine


Ask the experts your Mac questions (free)


The January 2002 World Almanac Newsletter is Now Online


Perfect for the reference desk! Info on January 2002 events, birthdays, "This Day in History", December 2001 chronology and much more.

Google Catalog Search [Beta]


This new beta version site from Google offers catalogs from major retailers. Google has scanned in the catalogs and enabled them for text searching

Subject: Artcyclopedia

"The Artcyclopedia is an index of online museums and image archives: find out where the works of over 7,500 different fine artists can be viewed online."


Museums of Paris


Guide to Parisian museums. List all the museums of Paris, France. Search any museums in Paris by theme or by location. The museums are presented with a description, history, pictures, practical information and a link to the museum's web site.

Two for Travelers:

Cities Guide -- The Economist


Travel information: _The Economist_ Cities Guide offers practical information ranging from accommodations to insider tips on getting around various US and world cities.

Time Out: The World's Living Guide


Covering twice as many cities, Time Out's site highlights cultural events as well as practical considerations such as where to stay, what to eat, and where to buy tickets.

NYC Surveillance Cameras:

NYC Surveillance Camera Project [.pdf]


i-SEE v.911: "Now more than ever" [Requires Flash]


These two sites focus on the increasing numbers of surveillance cameras in New York City. The first provides a .pdf-formatted map of the more than 2,300 camera locations throughout New York as well as text listings broken down by community.

Subject: Spine-Health

"Back pain and neck pain information and resources about diagnosis, common causes, pain management, and full range of treatment options."


Subject: BBC HEALTH: Back Pain Guide

"BBC HEALTH: Back Pain Guide offers advice and information to help people manage their back pain and improve the quality of their lives - along with plenty of tips to help prevent the onset of back problems."


Subject: Back and Neck Pain


"The quintessential website for information on back and neck pain. Predominately non-surgical and non-drug, the information on this site is intended as a resource for all, particularly sufferers."

Subject: Radio Amateur Online


"A radio amateur startsite with a collection of radio amateur links."

Subject: Ham Radio Supersite


Amateur Radio Callsigns, Images, Discussion Forums, Practice Tests and more for the Ham radio enthusiast.

Subject: Clumsybugger


"Clumsybugger.com is a compilation of stories with a common theme of clumsiness. Browse through our collection, and please take the time to submit your own clumsy experiences."

All kinds of psychological tests: