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Random URLs 4

by David L. Harris

Washington Apple Pi Journal, reprint information

On the Pi's TCS bulletin board system I randomly post URLs (addresses of Web sites) that intrigue me. If you have an Internet connection and a Web browser, you can go to any of these places yourself. If you have paid your $20 additional for a TCS membership you can see the newest Random URLs on the "Explorer Service & Internet" board of the General Conference. The URL of the TCS is <http://webtcs.wap.org/>. If you already use the TCS you can probably skip this article, because you've seen them.

Here are some more URLs I've posted. They are all working at the time this article was written, but by the time you read it, who knows? Due to the limitations of printing them, some may wrap to a second line. Make sure you get the entire URL -- they are surrounded by < and >. Some pages may require JavaScript be turned on in your Web browser; if it is, you may get extra cookies or advertising on those pages. Some of the descriptions are taken from the sources where I get the URLs. And I usually end my lists with humor (of sorts).

Here is the fourth edition:

Records Online


"The public records portal for seekers of local governments' data online, to include property taxes, deeds, plat and parcel maps, and GIS maps for use by the public and... all others needing access to public records."



Associated with the School of Computer Science at Florida International University, the High Performance Database Research Center (HPDRC) released TerraFly in November 2001, a Web-based application that allows users to view Geographic Information Systems (GIS) images... Through a rather sophisticated Java applet, users have a bird's eye view of the images... enabling users to view the images continuously and seamlessly, giving the user a feeling of "flying over" the photographed land areas... Users of low bandwidth or active memory should be wary; the applet demands a lot from your computer.



"The World's Database on Skyscrapers and Tall Buildings."

Home Repair

Check this site for manuals, parts and accessories, or for help from the Repair Guru:


The Internet Broadway Database


Created by the League of American Theatres and Producers' Research Department, The Internet Broadway Database provides an array of information about past and current Broadway shows.

Louis Armstrong Discography


Fans, researchers, and casual listeners can use the site to access comprehensive information on Armstrong's recordings, sessions, and the composers.

Digital Atlas of the United States

The Digital Atlas of the United States is a continuing public education project of Professor William Bowen and the Department of Geography at California State University, Northridge. The Digital Atlas is a great collection of information in a graphical map format of the United States that includes, a United States atlas, Citizenship, Ethnic and Racial Groups, Poverty, Income, Adult Education Attainment, Population and Census maps:


The Great Wall of China, A Virtual Tour


National Parks of the Southwest


Roadside America

"Homepage for Roadside America, your travel guide to offbeat attractions, tourist traps, weird vacations, and roadtrips. Let the Travel Brain do the driving!"