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Random URLs 5

by David L. Harris

Washington Apple Pi Journal, reprint information

On the Pi's TCS bulletin board system I randomly post URLs (addresses of Web sites) that intrigue me. If you have an Internet connection and a Web browser, you can go to any of these places yourself. If you use the TCS you can see the newest Random URLs on the "Explorer Service & Internet" board of the General Conference. The URL of the TCS is <http://webtcs.wap.org/>. If you are a long-time TCS user you might skip this article, because you've seen them.

Here are some more URLs I've posted. They are all working at the time this article was written (you might have to try different Web browsers), but by the time you read it, who knows? Due to the limitations of printing them, some may wrap to a second line. Make sure you get the entire URL&emdash;they are surrounded by < and >. (Don't use the brackets in your browser's address space.) Some pages may require JavaScript be turned on in your Web browser; if it is, you may get extra cookies or advertising on those pages. Some of the descriptions are taken from the sources where I get the URLs.

Here's the latest edition:

US Lighthouses


Includes photographs and directions to many US lighthouses.

Live Webcams in outdoors Africa (and more)

(there may not be much action, depending on when you access the cameras)


Multnomah County Library Homework Center


The Blind Readers Page


Guide to sources of information in alternative formats (braille, recorded cassettes, large print, e-texts, web audio) accessible by people with print disabilities--those with visual and physical handicaps as well as dyslexia. It is also a guide to information about blindness, visual handicaps and other physical handicaps.

Eat Here


EATHERE.COM is especially for the rare breed of traveler who wants to make each driving trip a great eating experience. You too can find those wonderful little spots the locals love.

Beekeepers & Honey Exporters from Morocco

We're a cooperative of beekeepers and HONEY exporters. Through this Web Page, we would like to make the acquaintance of fellow beekeepers from all parts of the world. We'd like to exchange views and opinions on beekeeping and HONEY exporting.


Professional Bull Rider - Bull Riding at its best!


The Web home of Professional Bull Riders.

First Ukraine Internet Art Gallery


We are glad to see you into first Ukrainian Internet Art Gallery. Here you can see pictures what was served on realistic painting. Also you can, provided will arise eagerness, to buy it. We anticipate that you applaud our project.