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Random URLs 6

by David L. Harris

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On the Pi's TCS bulletin board system I post URLs (addresses of Web sites) that intrigue me. If you have an Internet connection and a Web browser, you can go to any of these places yourself. Random URLs are posted on the "Explorer Service & Internet" board of the General Conference of the TCS (by the time you read this the board lineup may have changed). The TCS is at <http://webtcs.wap.org/>. Some people post lists of useful URLs. Mine are sometimes useful, sometimes only entertaining. Or not.

Fine print: Here are some more URLs I've posted. They are all working at the time this article was written (you might have to try different Web browsers), but by the time you read it, who knows?

Due to the limitations of printing them, some may wrap to a second line. Make sure you get the entire URL -- they are surrounded by < and >. (Don't use the brackets when you put the URLs in your browser's address space.)

Some of the descriptions are taken from the sources where I get the URLs.

Here's the latest edition:

How Do Cohabiting Couples With Children Spend Their Money?


This working paper by Thomas DeLeire and Ariel Kalil of the University of Chicago examines the question of how cohabiting couples with children spend their income. Over the course of the 60-page work, they use the Consumer Expenditure Survey to see if cohabiting couples with children spend their money on different goods than either married parents or single parents. Some of their initial findings conclude that cohabiting couples spend a substantially larger share of their total expenditure on alcohol and tobacco than either married-parent families or single parents. Additionally, DeLeire and Kalil conclude that cohabiting couples with children also spend less on health care and education than married parents.

Things that make you go Hmmmm...

Over 1200 scientific facts, including things such as Astronauts cannot belch (there is no gravity to separate liquid from gas in their stomachs); the largest ever hailstone weighed over 1kg and fell in Bangladesh in 1986.


A Routine Trip to the Dentist for a Root Canal


Gang Research.Net


Hosted and maintained by John Hagedorn, a professor of criminal justice at the University of Illinois at Chicago, this site provides information about the nature of gangs around the United States, with a particular emphasis on gangs in Chicago. The prime objective of the site is "to dispel stereotypes and present research, original documents, and helpful links."

The American 1950's


The literature and culture of the 1950's. (That's before our time, isn't it?)

Floating Flame Balls


The Moon Trees


"Apollo 14 launched in the late afternoon of January 31, 1971 on what was to be our third trip to the lunar surface. Five days later Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell walked on the Moon while Stuart Roosa, a former U.S. Forest Service smoke jumper, orbited above in the command module. Packed in small containers in Roosa's personal kit were hundreds of tree seeds, part of a joint NASA/USFS project. Upon return to Earth, the seeds were germinated by the Forest Service. Known as the "Moon Trees," the resulting seedlings were planted throughout the United States (often as part of the nation's bicentennial in 1976) and the world. They stand as a tribute to astronaut Roosa and the Apollo program."

Chewing Gum and Bubble Gum


Learn about the history of gum. Find resources and links to learning more about chewing and bubble gum.

LEGOLAND - California


All about LEGOLAND park in California.

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to pop a water balloon in space?


The Surgery Channel


"Your source for information on appendectomy, mastectomy, hernia repair, nissen fundoplication surgery, and more."

Find a Death


Find the death reports of celebrities, as well as some very irreverent and revealing comments from the author of this site.

Enter the Mummy Tombs


"Information about mummies around the world for readers, writers, and learners of all ages."

Free restrooms around the world:

When nature calls, even intrepid travelers prefer to make a comfortable reply. The bathroom diaries.com locates clean, free restrooms around the world.