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TCS Room Cleanup 2003

Each year the Pi’s TCS Committee manages to collect, usually through no effort on their part, a wide assortment of “things” intended to help them support the club’s telecommunications infrastructure. These things range from donated hardware and software to random, unidentifiable, but techno-looking gadgets that people think the Crew might need (“I don’t know what it is, exactly, but maybe it can speed up the modems, maybe”) to one of the largest collections of stuffed, papier-mâché, wooden and plastic penguins in all of Rockville. Eventually there comes a point at which someone says, “We should clean up this place!,” and a weekend cleanup project is born. This year, the project erupted, with little advance planning, a week before the Winter Computer Garage Sale, and a great deal of “stuff” was carted out into the meeting room at the Pi’s plush offices in Rockville. An extensive sifting process then ensued as the wheat was separated from the chaff, the working monitors separated from the dead ones, the identifiable gizmos from the entirely alien, and the useful cables from the, um, useless. Here you see two views of the pre-sifted collection, one from the “beige monitors and computers” end and one from the “pile of penguins” end.

Beige monitors and computers

Pile of penguins

Photos by David Harris, taken with a Minolta DiMage X digital camera.