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May 2008 Retired SIG: “Mastering your Mac”

By Len Adler

The meeting opened with a round robin of learning what user tips each of us had to offer, and what questions we would like answered about the use of the Mac. Of those who spoke, here are their comments:

Claude LeBon told how he was dazzled when one of his children (or grandkids?) used Skype to videoconference with friends in China. It was either free or very low cost. He asked to learn how to set up networking between Macs at home.

Richard Allen explained that Sightspeed.com, iChat, and AOL AIM offer free accounts to use in the same way as Skype, with good quality conferencing.

Bill Bauer was not familiar with how a Mac stores passwords in the application Keychain. We took a look at that program, located on Mac OS X 10.5 and earlier systems, to see inside Keychain.

Art Boudreau had a problem with his HP 4200 printer. Using it with Adobe Bridge, a part of Photoshop, he likes to use a format called RAW when transferring photos from digital media to the Mac. He is stumped by how to answer the prompt that asks for the source. He cannot figure that out, and has not been able to get telephone support from HP.

Every Mac has the means to enlarge parts of the screen. Visual problems can be overcome by opening System Preferences in the Mac, going to Universal Access, then selecting “Zoom” and the settings for on and off. Then any part of a window can be enlarged or later returned to normal size by keystrokes. The control wheel on the mouse with this will operate this way as well. Try this at home; it is fun and may prove useful!

Since we did not get a thorough look at home networking setup, at our June meeting the focus will be on how to network.