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Washington Apple Pi and the

New Mac Road Show

Tyson's Galleria, McLean, VA, July 25-27, 1997

Washington Apple Pi was invited to participate in the New Mac Road Show, which began a nationwide tour in McLean, Virginia, at the very, very upscale Tyson's Galleria. Apple trucked in portable kiosks which were assembled on the ground floor to highlight recent innovations in portable computing, home computing, software and imaging. Pi members oggled the new wares, and answered thousands of questions as visitors stopped by to see what was going on.

Quite A Spread

View from Above

Apple At Twenty

Taking A Close Look

Portable Power

Works Upside Down, Too

Jet-Propelled Ink

Mousing Around: Honest WYSIWYG

Mac OS 8

Show Your Colors

Evil Empire Lurks

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New Mac Road Show Sign
Photo by Lawrence I. Charters

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