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Washington Apple Pi and Community

[F] General Meeting Summaries

[F] Best of Times: A SEAC Memory, by Genevie (Gena) Hawkins Urban

[F] Best of the TCS: April 2006

[F] Best of the TCS: January 2006

[F] Best of the TCS: November 2005

[F] Brief User's Guide to Washington Apple Pi, by John D. Barnes

[F] Pi Leadership Retreat 2003

[F] Volunteer opportunities

[F] TCS Room Cleanup 2003

[F] The Apple /// SIG and Washington Apple Pi, July 2004, by David Ottalini

[F] Mac Reclamation Project a Holiday Success

[F] Garage Sale Ballot Results, by Steve Fink

[F] Recently Cataloged Books for the WAP Library, by Brian G. Mason

[F] Pi Library Use Policy Changes, by Brian G. Mason

[F] A Hundred Apple IIs, by Lorin Evans

[F] Make Quoting Easy on the TCS, by Lou Dunham

[F] Pi Fillings Goes to School by Washington Apple Pi Labs

[F] Puppet Strings: Creating a General Meeting, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] December Garage Sale a Success by Beth Medlin and Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Pi Reclamation Room Cleanup FAQ, by Will Byrd

[F] Pi Lunch Room Cleanup FAQ, by Will Byrd

[F] Arcola House, by Bob Mulligan

[F] How to Get the Most Out of the December Computer Show and Sale, v.2, by Dave Ottalini
How to Get the Most Out of the Pi Computer Show and Sale
, by Dave Ottalini

[F] From 1985: History of the Washington Apple Pi by David Morganstein and Bernie Urban

[F] Evolution of the Washington Apple Pi Journal by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] How to Write an Article for the Journal

[F] Intergalactic Award Winner 1999

[F] Intergalactic Award Winner 1998


[F] MacWorld New York City 2000: The Keynote, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] MacWorld New York City 2000: In Review, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] MacWorld New York City 2000: Products I

[F] MacWorld New York City 2000: Products II

[F] MacWorld New York 2000: Signs

[F] MacWorld New York City 2000: The Event

[F] MacWorld Expo New York City, by Lawrence I. Charters

Web Design

[F] Army Adopts Macintosh for World Wide Web, by Washington Apple Pi Labs


[F] Creating a Survey Database, by Paul Chernoff

Computer Security

[R] Personal Firewall for Dummies, by David L. Harris

[F] Setting Up a Network With a Firewall, by Edgar Durbin

[R] Willow Design: Kerouac Backpack, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Willow Design: Cross Country Protection, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Willow Design: iMac Carry Case, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] SonicWall: Combating the Barbarians, by Lawrence I. Charters

QuickTime and iMovie

[F] Matching Old and New Macs with Video Cameras, by Dennis R. Dimick

[F] iMovie Sans the iMac, by Dennis R. Dimick

[F] Easy Miracles: Movies From Still Pictures, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Making QuickTime Movies Using Shareware, by Frank E. Harris and Neal Gallagher

[F] Apple Revises QuickTime 3 License Terms, by Dennis R. Dimick

Software Reviews

[F] iView MediaPro 2.5 in View, by Dennis R. Dimick

[F] Prosoft Engineering's Data Safety Suite, by Mike Mellor

[R] A Quick Look At Quicksilver, by Mike Mellor

[R] Report on Another Hard Disk Repair Utility, by Richard Rucker

[R] X Resource Graph: Because It Looks Cool, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Soundtrack, by Guy Serle

[R] A Short Review of Zinio Reader, by Mike Mellor

[R] Controlling Spam with PostArmor X, by David L. Harris

[R] Erasing CD-RWs in Mac OS X 10.3, by Karen Ackoff

[R] Web Site Creation & Maintenance the Cheap & Easy Way, by Richard Rucker

[R] Tools to Distill Your Digital Collections, by Dennis Dimick

[R] An Overview of Knockout 2, by Bill Kingsley

[R] Timbuktu Pro vs. Apple Remote Desktop, by Paul J. Chernoff

[R] Getting Envelopes and Labels Imprinted, by Steve Roberson

[R] Mac OS 9 Web Browsers: A Mini-Review, by Richard Sternberg

[R] Review of Starry Night Pro, by Susan Kayser

[R] Default Folder X: A Review, by Brian G. Mason

[R] Disk Warrior 3, by Pi Labs Annex

[F] Preview in Review: Creating Acrobat Files in Mac OS X, by Dennis Dimick

[R] iView Corrals Images, Movies, Sounds and Fonts, by Dennis Dimick

[R] VSE Link Tester, by David Harris

[R] Norton Utilities 6.0, by Stuart Bonwit

[R] Memory Mapper 1.5, by Brian Mason

[R] Adobe Photoshop 6/ImageReady 3, by George Fox

[R] Aladdin Tuner 3.1: A Review, by Brian Mason

[R] MacWasher: It Blows the Dustbunnies Away, by Dale Smith

[R] Head Rush: A Review, by Brian Mason

[R] Personal Backup, by David L. Harris

[R] Conserving Earth's Biodiversity: Bringing Science to Life, by Dennis Dimick

[R] Microsoft Internet Explorer 5: Quick Look, by Washington Apple Pi Labs

[R] Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, Outlook Express 5.0.2, by Al Lubarsky

[R] Melody Assistant: A Software Review, by Brian G. Mason

[R] MacTicker Reviewed, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Poser 4: It has lots of new abilities, by Stuart Bonwit

[R] A Quick Review of Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0 for the Mac, by Al Lubarsky

[R] Turning Photos and Movies into Paintings, by Dennis R. Dimick

[R] Nova Development's Print Explosion, by Steven Kiepe

[R] Starry Night: Deluxe and Pro, by David L. Harris

[F] Updating ProSel, "Norton Utilities" for the Apple II, by Brian G. Mason

[R] Adobe Acrobat Captures the Web, by Dennis Dimick

[R] DiskWarrior: When Your Zip Disk Takes A Hike, by Dale Smith

[R] TechTools Pro 2: The Best Cure for Your Sick Mac, by Paul Gerstenbluth

[R] Eye Candy 3.0: Tempting Deserts for Your Eyes, by Paul Gerstenbluth

[R] Acrobat 4.0: New Tricks are in Short Supply, by Dennis Dimick

[R] Micro Bridge Companion, by Richard S. Sternberg

[R] Font Reserve, by Paul Chernoff

[R] Adobe Premiere 5: The Trials of Being New, by Dennis R. Dimick

[R] Grammarian, by Mary Keene

[R] Poser 3, by Stuart Bonwit

[R] Professional Tax Preparation Software for the Apple II, by Brian Mason

[R] WebChecker and the herding of URLs, by David L. Harris

[R] A Not So Impartial Review of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5, by Al Lubarsky

[R] The Complete National Geographic, by John Barnes

[R] PhotoDeluxe 1.1 and 2.0 Compared, by David Harris

[R] Jigsaws Anyone?, by Sallie Engel

[R] Ray Dream Studio 5, by Stuart Bonwit

[R] Ray Dream Again, by Stuart Bonwit

[R] Don't You Wish Your Parents Named You 'MazMaz'? by Lykara Iann Charters

[R] Learning New Software-Struggle or Enjoyment? A Review of Adobe PageMill 2.0 and Adobe Premiere 4.2, by C. Etana Finkler

[R] Marathon Trilogy Box Set, by Dale Smith

[R] The Professional Touch: Adobe Illustrator 7.0, by Paul Gerstenbluth

[R] Quark Publishing System: A Review, by Paul J. Chernoff

[R] French Pronunciation Tutor 3.0; Spanish Pronunciation Tutor 3.0 by Stuart Bonwit

[R] A Review of OneClick and PreFab Player by Paul J. Chernoff

[R] Sidebar: QuicKeys by Paul J. Chernoff

[R] Poser 1.0, by Stuart Bonwit

[R] Amazing Animation by Stuart Bonwit

[R] Adobe PhotoDeluxe 1.0: A Review by Stuart Bonwit

[R] Adobe Premiere 4.0 by Stuart Bonwit

[R] Micro*Bridge Companion, by Richard S. Sternberg

Book Reviews

[R] Old Fart's Guide to Internet Searches, by Stuart Bonwit

[R] Apple Confidential 2.0, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Digital Fortress, by John Barnes

[R] Summer Reading Program: Mac OS X Books, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Old Fart's Guide to the Macintosh, by Stuart Bonwit

[R] Unix on Mac OS X: A Review, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] The Little Mac OS X Book: A Review, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Mac OS X for Dummies, by David L. Harris

[R] The Root of All Evil: A Review, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Mac OS in a Nutshell: A Power User's Quick Reference, by Bob Rivkin

[R] Documentation for Those Who Don't Read Documentation, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Hackers and Code Breakers: Two Books, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Privacy Wars, by John O. Ludwigson

[R] The Geek Handbook: A Review, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] The Geek Handbook: A Review, by Kathleen G. Charters

l[F] I Am Not a Geek, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] The Inmates are Running the Asylum, by Paul J. Chernoff

[R] Spells for Wizards: A Review of Books, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Tightly Wrapped Expertise: A Review of Books, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] The Non-Designer's Web Book, by David Harris

[R] Visual Quickstart Guides: It All Started With the Little Mac Book, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] ClarisWorks Companion: A Review, by Grace Gallagher

[R] Book Review: Programming 4th Dimension, by Paul J. Chernoff

[R] AppleDesign and Apple: The Inside Story, by Paul J. Chernoff

[R] Animation and 3D Modeling on the Mac by Stuart Bonwit

[R] Web for Novice and Wizard: A Review of Books by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Not the Usual Fare: A Review of Books by Lawrence I. Charters

Hardware Reviews

[R] SanDisk Ultra ImageMate FireWire Reader, by Raymond C. Cook

[R] Hexa Media Drive: Funky Name for a Digital Essential, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Twiddler2: For those with too much time on their hands, by Jim Hebblethwaite

[F] iMac, Generation 2, It's Here! by Pat Fauquet

[R] HP Printers are Worth Another Look, by Pat Fauquet

[R] A Search for High-Speed Internet Access, by David L. Harris

[R] Verizon DSL - Internet at the Speed of Mac, by Dave Ottalini

[R] The Telex M-560 Super-Directional USB Digital Microphone, by Pat Fauquet

[R] Apple Pro Mouse: A Quick Look, by Washington Apple Pi Labs

[R] Nikon CoolPix 950 - Nice Enough Pictures, by John Barnes

[R] iBook: Vision in Blueberry, by Washington Apple Pi Labs

iBook Benchmarks, by Washington Apple Pi Labs

[R] The Need for Speed: Comcast@Home and Cable Modems, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] iMac Review: It's a Mac, by Washington Apple Pi Labs

[F] iMac Benchmarks: Quick Comparisons, by Washington Apple Pi Labs

[F] iMac Memory Expansion: Do It Yourself?, by Washington Apple Pi Labs

[R] MoniSwitch: When You Have More Macs Than Sense, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] DESKNET: The Project, by "Fred" Charters and "Bob" Splaine

[R] Molar Mac: The Fast, Heavy, Beauty Challenged AIO, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Inkjet Photo Impressions: Printing With Epson's Stylus Color 800, by Dennis R. Dimick

[R] Turning Inkjet Printers into PostScript Printers, by Paul Gerstenbluth

[R] Electronic Marker Pad, by Stuart Bonwit

[R] World's Least Expensive Macintosh: A Review by Lawrence I. Charters

How To

[F] Making a Virtual Internet Server, by Richard S. Sternberg

[F] Don't Discard That Rotten Apple -- Make It an Internet Server, Part III, by Richard S. Sternberg

[F] Don't Discard That Rotten Apple -- Make It an Internet Server, Part II, by Richard S. Sternberg

[F] Don't Discard That Rotten Apple -- Make It an Internet Server, Part I, by Richard S. Sternberg

[F] Holiday Newsletters with AppleWorks, by Pat Fauquet

[F] How to Use Your Digital Camera, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Build a FireWire Hard Drive, by Bob Unger

[F] Customizing the Launcher, by Brian Mason

[F] How to Set Up Stuffit Expander, by Pat Fauquet

[F] Using Mail Siphon II, by Dave Weikert

[F] E-Mail Droppings: On the Trail of the Wild Equals Sign, by Jon Thomason

[F] Son of E-mail Droppigns: Converting E-mail into Formatted Text, by Journal Staff

[F] 55 Minutes: Birth of an AppleShare Server, by Derrick Garbell

[F] Keeping Your Digital Images Organized, by Dennis R. Dimick

[F] Learning to Network With the AirPort, by Edgar Durbin

[F] Networking Made Simple: Ethernet Networking, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Configuring Date and Time Using Mac OS 8.5, by Washington Apple Pi Labs


[F] Other Developments, by Washington Apple Pi Labs

General Features

[F] Clone Wars, by Guy Serle

[F] Low-Cost Gifts for Macintosh, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Two Mac Stories, by Jay Darmstadter

[F] iTMS FAQ, by Craig Contardi

[F] The Gift That Keeps On Giving, by Marty Ditmeyer

[F] Riding Out Uncertain Times, by Lorin Evans

[F] Moving up to an iMac and Mac OS X, by Kevin W. Parker

[F] Out of Retirement -- and Going Strong, by Sally Keyes

[F] Rendezvous is Not Napster, by Jon C. Thomason

[F] Where Are the Instructions? by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cliff Diving: Moving to Mac OS X, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Central Office Tour: Where Does That Wire Go? by David Ogburn

[F] Jedi versus the Borg: Mac OS X in a Microsoft World, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Understanding Color, by Bob Mulligan

[F] Problem with Printing Solved! by Brian Mason

[F] Adventures in Babysitting, by Chris Campbell

[F] I Made the Leap [To Mac OS X], by Bill Diffley

[F] Have You Tried Mac OS X? by Pat Fauquet

[F] The Future of Macintoshes in Fairfax Country Schools, by Thomas Berens

[F] The Trials of Installing a New Program, by Etana Finkler

[F] DigiCam 102 - A Tale of 3 Photographers, by Lou Pastura

[F] DigiCam 101: A Megapixel is not a Huge Pixel! by Lou Pastura

[F] The Mysterious Case of the Blinking Question Mark or File Folder, by Pat Fauquet

[F] Macintosh Computers in a Law Office, by David Weikert

[F] Walls: Mac OS X and Freedom, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Mac OS 9.1: The Window Menu in the Finder, by Dale Smith

[F] High-End Macintosh Benchmarking, by Washington Apple Pi Labs

[F] Untangling the Mac OS X Desktop Application: An Open Letter to Apple Computer, by Jon Thomason

[F] Power Mac G4 Cube: What's In A Name?, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Font of Wisdom, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] How the iBook Revolutionized My Life, by Blake Lange

[F] Because It's There: Linux on Virtual PC, by Washington Apple Pi Labs

[F] EXPRESSNET, High Speed Web Access Through Cable TV Montgomery, by Joe Belotte

[F] Microsoft and the Battle for Civilization, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Bailing Wire and TAPE -- What's a package? by Dale Smith

[F] Warner Brothers Scene Preview Technical Paper Review, by Stuart Bonwit

[F] A Resource for AppleWorks Users, by Brian G. Mason

[F] Saga of a Mac Fan, by Ray Cook

[F] Starry Night Deluxe and the Tracking of Spacecraft, by David L. Harris

[F] Apple II Telecommunications, by Brian Mason

[F] Surviving in a Cross-Platform World, by Steve Keipe

[F] SETI@Home, by David L. Harris

[F] Ask the Webmaster, Vol. 2, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] New Millenium Syndrome, by "Fred" Charters

[F] On the Bleeding Edge, by David Harris

[F] Close Encounters of the Paperwork Kind, by Tom Herlihy

[F] Fonts: A Quick Overview, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Changing Faces: New Mac Logos, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Learning New Software -- Goes to the Movies! by C. Etana Finkler

[F] High Speed Internet Access: ISDN, ADSL or Cable, by Don Essick

[F] Solving the Y2K Crisis on the Cheap, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Critical Y2K Dates for the Paranoid, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Y2K: It Is Not a Bug If It Was Deliberate, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Washington Apple Pi Mac Bench Pro:Wall of Macs,by Washington Apple Pi Labs

[F] The Odyssey: Using Microsoft Word to Creat a Large, Complex Document, by Dr. Kathleen G. Charters

[F] Buy a Power Mac G3 or Spend $10.95: That Was the Question, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Adobe Photoshop 4: Where the ACTION Is, by Etana Finkler

[F] Mac at the Opera, by Stuart Bonwit

[F] Outlining in ClarisWorks, by Paul J. Chernoff

[F] Mac OS 8.1 and HFS Plus by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] The Value of Pi by John Ludwigson

[F] G3 Mac Runs NT Server 4.0 by David Ferri

[F] In the Beginning: Installing Mac OS 8 by Dale Smith

[F] Introducing: Washington Apple Pi Mac Bench by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] "Do I Really Need A Spleen?" Adventures In Millennial Computing by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Revolution! Is At Hand; Time to Upgrade by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Out on the Wired Plains by Dennis R. Dimick

[F] Ask the Webmaster, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Apple Marketing: Oxymoron? [Killer Apple Advertising] by Lawrence I. Charters

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